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Go Green, an Eco-Friendly Directory

Greener Spots is a comprehensive directory of green, green-like, organic, natural, eco-friendly and other such environmentally sustainable venues; clothing boutiques, grocery stores, restaurants, farmer’s markets, hotels and so on. These green companies are not all necessarily organic, although some are, but in most cases demonstrate some sort of green living in the offered product lines, food, services or general attitude. Our data is compiled from users who are trying to make a greener difference the way we eat, shop, drink and live. Go green!
The easy to use interactive mapping allows you to find more than 6,947 green friendly and eco-friendly businesses in your area and throughout the US. Know of a green, “green-like” or eco-friendly business that we don’t have listed please be sure to tell us. Or have you recently visited a fabulous organic restaurant that you want to rate a rave review on? Been a fabulous pet boutique that sells organic dog treats? Please au pine!
Greener Spots is an easy to use consumer guide filled with local listings for green retailers, businesses, and farmers markets. Greener Spots is the definitive resource for eco-minded suburbanites and urbanites looking for an easy way to access the multiple facets of the green market. Greener Spots contains everything from grocery stores/cooperatives and organic/natural restaurants to dry cleaners and organic landscape services, to sustainable building suppliers and interior designers. We find whatever a consumer needs for every day green and eco-friendly living and more.

Across the nation, people are looking for ways to shrink their proverbial carbon footprint. And along with that push to live a little closer to the Three-R mantra (reduce, reuse and recycle), Americans are asking their communities to think green, too.

Finding a Farmers Market - Typically the best organic food is what is grown closest to home. And with many neighborhoods hosting daily and weekly farmers’ markets, you can find locally grown produce anywhere in the country. Greener Spots can help you find farmers' markets and other sources of sustainably grown food.
Finding a Green Grocery Store - From natural and organic focused grocery chains like Whole Foods and Fresh & Easy to smaller co-op health focused grocers, the green living concept has caused a revolution in the grocery store industry in the last several decades.Greener Spots will help you find thousands of local eco-friendly grocery stores committed to buying from local producers whose fruits, vegetables, meats and other products meet the highest quality standards, particularly those who farm organically and are themselves dedicated to environmentally friendly, sustainable practices.
Finding a Green Restaurant - A new emphasis on quality ingredients combined with an awareness of the environmental impacts of food production and procurement has changed the way many restaurants do business. With more emphasis on sustainable food purchasing from local farmers to the strict usage of natural and organic ingredients, The “eating well” concept now encompasses a much more than just good tasting food, but foods that are healthy for both you and the environment.
Finding a Green Hotel - Hotels for both budget and luxury travelers are becoming increasingly "green", — providing you with sustainable forward-thinking lodging alternatives in both urban and rural settings. These pioneering hotels carefully balance environmental protection and social responsibility, without sacrificing traveler's needs. Sustainable travel—also known as responsible travel, green travel, eco-tourism, and geotourism—is redefining the travel industry. Hotels and other tourism companies are being challenged to do business in an increasingly environmentally friendly, socially responsible way.

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Greener Spots is a free Web site for users and listed eco-friendly vendors alike, no login’s or memberships are required. Greener Spots is supported strictly by the generosity of our advertisers, allowing us to give you straight forward and unbiased information. Our directory grows more and more every day, and we are updating our information and adding user input on a regular basis. We hope that you will contribute to our “green-like” community! Add a green business.
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Guides to Going Green

Greener Spots has put together a list of helpful guides to going green, including tips on green parenting, going organic and ways to save money by adopting a green lifestyle. The guides also include fun and green ways that you and your whole family can enjoy, and work together to save and protect our environment.
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Green retailing is taking root in North America in the form of stores that offer merchandise that is...

What is a "green business"?

A green business operates in ways that attempt to solve, rather than cause, environmental and social issues. Such businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, the local community, and the environment. These practices include the use of organic and natural products to build its factories, tighter protections against their carbon footprint, and environmentally responsible sourcing of supplies. The overall goal of a green business is to keep its environmental footprint small, reducing waste and reusing materials as much as possible. From sustainable local purchasing to environmentally friendly product procurement, manufacturing and packaging to facilities which are designed to promote energy efficiency are all factors that we use to determine if a business truly is a "green spot".

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